A studio for digital-media education, photogrpahy and design.

Trefethen Studios, a Senior Level design firm located in northern California, provides conceptual design solutions and strategic brand building through direct marketing efforts such as variable data print, web-to-print and lead building programs. Our many years of experience managing a team of designers in a print production work flow, enables us to provide a keen eye for detail, and an elite working knowledge of both traditional and new technologies in the printing industry.

Variable Data Print solutions, web-to-print brand management systems, direct marketing campaigns, and lead building programs are a few of the exceptional customized services we are pleased to provide.

Today’s technology drives a new stream of targeted marketing and lead building engines. With over 30 years of combined experience, our highly seasoned professional staff is prepared to provide a design solution to meet your company’s needs.

Allow us the opportunity to develop and design a customized solution for you. | 985-IMG-WORK


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