Abstraction by Composition

A photograph consists of a brief moment removed from time and reality then presented in a flat two-dimensional surface framed by edges of a rectangle. This framed image is loaded with decisions each photographer makes at the time of the shoot.

These edits, whether conscience or not, all point to your unique selection process. The aforementioned edits come in the form of a wide-angle view of a crowd or an isolated individual within the masses. You have all made these types of decisions when photographing, perhaps you moved in a few extra steps to remove an awkwardly placed object in a beautiful landscape or you opened up the aperture to throw the background out of focus, either way this is a form of editing and often renders beautiful results in each of your photographs.

In this example we see a method of abstraction by composition. By isolating the smallest element within the greater group of LEDs I am able to abstract the from and highlight the beauty in the highly mundane. I like how the small cluster of LEDs softens and glows when composed up close and out of focus.

Do you have any examples of abstraction by composition? Post your samples to this topic as we discuss the outcomes of your work.


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