CKMP Beer Ad for InStyle Magazine

Two Versions One Objective:
Introduce an Hawaiian Brewery through an InStyle Magazine AD.

Concept 1 – brief:

Concept 1AD 1 is based on the work of the Pin-ups artists Rolf Armstrong, his posters of the 1920s are quintessential Hawaii. His work features bold splashes of color, sexy pictures of women and iconic Hawaiian culture.

By pulling together Armstong’s style and juxtaposing it against a modern-day pin-up girl, I feel the AD combines Hawaii’s heritage with Mainland fashion.

Positioning the CKMP product shot on the right-most edge of the frame, it becomes the natural closing statement of the AD as viewers read from left to right. Furthermore, the model points at the bottle with her suggestive pose.

The word “ALOHA” was positioned at the top of the AD to set the stage for the Hawaiian culture and welcoming spirit.

The buy-line pulls it all together in the words, “Hawaiian Heritage, Mainland Fashion.”

Concept 2 – brief:

Concept 2AD 2 features simplicity as its core attribute while highlighting the product front and center. The iconic hibiscus flower subtly represents the rich heritage that makes up the Hawaiian islands. By unifying the brand with Hawaiian iconography I feel CKMP highlights its tradition while expressing its sexy style.

The Hawaiian typography used for the masthead combined with the contemporary buy line further emphasizes this brand as hip, refreshing and surpassing of trends.


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