Why Choose a Content Management System?

As of the first of August, Trefethen Studios switched to a content management systems, otherwise known as a CMS. We have completely changed the look of the site and added more content specific to the aim of the studio.

As we continue to expand our services in the field of digital-media education, photography and design we wanted a way to quickly update the site with new material as well as provide our clients a way to access proofs, concept roughs, and final files relevant to the development of their projects.

There are many benefits to building a site upon a CMS, such benefits as:

Database driven

This allows the storage and creation of hundreds of thousands of pages on a database without the need to update each one of them.

Multiple Authors

A CMS allows for multiple authors to contribute to the expansion and maintenance of Trefethen Studios. As one instructor leads a workshop in the Desolation Wilderness on the Zone Systems he or she can quickly update the site with activites posted by the group and the work they accomplish while off-site.

Separating design from content and structure

By separating these three layers of the site we can recreate and adjust them independent of each other. For example, the design layer can be completely renovated without the need for any adjustments to structure or content. The structure can be adjusted with no changes required to design and content. Content can be changed with no need to adjust the design or functional structure. The separation of these three layers is what represents the flexibility and strength of a CMS.

We are very excited about the opportunities this new system provides. In the weeks, months and years to come, Trefethen Studios will continue to expand, offering tutorials, information, and work relevant to the field of education, photography, digital-media and design.

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