3-Step Approach to Landing New Business

Generating the attention of your prospects can be achieved through a number of programs. Trefethen Studios offers several solutions to this challenge. The following information outlines our approach when coupled together with our design and marketing “smarts.”

Mail1. Initial Point of Contact – Mail (Pre-Conditioning)
The first point of contact is meant to serve as a conversation piece. The piece itself can be in the form of a letter, postcard or brochure. The mailer gives the caller some information to reference. The key is to have the decision maker’s contact information and to get the first piece into their hands. In addition to having accurate contact information, the distribution piece should be short and concise, remember you have less then 3 seconds to capture their attention. Trefethen Studios can help DEVELOP A STRATEGY FOR CONTACTING THE RIGHT PERSON. Having some key information on the company such as, company name, policy expiration date, ExMod number, Industry Type, Contact email, contact name, phone number and address will result in a greater percent of conversion.

2. Follow Up to Initial Contact Piece
Make a phone call to reference the initial contact piece and discuss the opportunity for a more formal meeting. During the telephone call your sales person must present the PROBLEM with their current provider/insurer/company and your SOLUTION as their new provider/insurer/company. Ideas include cost reduction, ease of switching to a new firm, your added services and your offer to be their ONE SOURCE for all of their needs.

Thank You3a. Follow Up Thank You Card.
The very fact that the potential customer spent their time with you on the telephone is worthy of a thank you. By using your personal stationery for this you remind the lead who you are, and you place your contact information front and center one more time. Jot down a quick handwritten note to show your appreciation and thank them for their time. If a meeting date was set, remind your lead of that date by stating, “I look forward to our meeting on Tuesday of next week.”

3b. At the Meeting – Have all your ducks lined up in a neat row
A sales kit is a perfect tool for describing your services as the One Source and demonstrates your high level of professionalism. Prior to the meeting have your presentation well thought out, include the specific service you want to sell up front and consider ALL your other services as UPSELL opportunities. You might choose to Ducks in a Rowinitiate the meeting with one particular service you feel is your strongest offering. Go in to the meeting with all the information about this service, including price, documents to convert to your firm (have these filled out as much as possible in advance of the meeting), and the benefits of working with the various carriers within your network or otherwise. Set up a follow up meeting once the account is acquired to discuss the other services as a greater benefit to working with you and your staff.

Continuing your image standards through ongoing relationships
Now that you have their business, you MUST maintain this relationship. Therefore it is important that you train your staff to offer TOP NOTCH customer services. A friendly hello and helpful attitude ALWAYS can diffuse most situations. You should also be communicating with your clients regularly through mail for events such as birthdays, sign-up anniversaries, news about your office, changes in policy, updates to the market, new offerings through your firm. A perfect and professional way to achieve regular communication is through eMarketing or paper newsletters. By keeping the content light and informative, you add a benefit to the services that you provide. Furthermore,  you are keeping your brand front and center on a regular basis.

Meeting Items  ::  Sales Kit

Presentation Folders  ::  These folder are perfect for the first meeting where you discuss your service solution as the source to your new lead. Datasheets, your Corporate Brochure, a cover letter announcing your solutions to their problem and other materials that sell your services/products should accompany your meeting.

It is our goal to help you build success through marketing, that goes well beyond print. Therefore, lets create a program that will grow your business to a new level. If you would like to further this dialogue let’s scheduling a meeting to discuss your ideas and aspirations.

~ John Trefethen


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