Burnin’ up the Floor

We need your input.
Which design best catches your attention while maintaining the spirit of the event.

The Pleasanton Cultural Arts Foundation is hosting a benefit concert on behalf of the Firehouse Arts Center currently under construction in Downtown Pleasanton. The event’s main attraction is a BIG BAND music ensemble consisting of between 12-25 musicians. The concert will include food and dancing in an effort to raise funds and awareness for the Firehouse Arts Center.

The tag-line we’re kicking around is “Burnin’ up the Floor,” a term borrowed, yet modified, from the electrifying Latin and Ballroom dance spectacular “Burn the Floor.”

The audience will include both men and women 30 and up.

Click any image to see it full size.


4 Responses to “Burnin’ up the Floor”

  1. Rita Baird says:

    John, I like the first one. ‘Big Band’ makes me think of dancing, and the font in the first one moves more than the second one. The third one, I like the concept, but al; that type overwhelms me.

  2. Dan Jarrett says:

    John, I prefer the design of the first 2, but I think the font on the first one is overused… i’ve seen it on alot of materials.. and the second one seems a little plain. :-) Hope this was helpful…


  3. Ron Castia says:

    I like 1 and 3.
    1 more than 3.


  4. John Trefethen says:

    Thanks for all the valuable feedback. I have read each of your comments.

    I failed to mention that this design is for a postcard. There are three designs total. Each design has a front and a back. When clicking on an image you will see the title above the image and to the left.