Firehouse Arts Event – Burnin’ up the Floor

Step 1: Research | Define the status quo
This step is reserved for generating new ideas. In order to start we begin by identifying our client’s aspirations. We then spiral outward, sketching and problem solving with the aim of brainstorming solutions that are unexpected.

Researching iconic imagery associated with Big Band, Burn the Floor and the Swing Era we are able to aid in the establishment of a starting point. Presented below are several images gathered during the research process.


Step 2: Collection | By narrowing the scope we arrive at a direction
This step is all about tossing out the worst and keeping the best. We then present those solutions as rough concepts in order to establish a direction.

Featured here are three design ideas that harness the overall spirit of the era while broadcasting the event theme of Burnin’ up the Floor and the overall connotative association of the Firehouse.

Version 1 Front & Back – Click image to enlarge


Version 2a Front & Back – Click image to enlarge


Version 2b Front & Back – Click image to enlarge


Step 3: Semi-comp | Through refinement we arrive at focus
This step takes into consideration the client’s aspirations and desires post collection meeting. From this point forward the refinement of design, clean type, actual color, and balance begin to take form.

Step 4: Finals | From focus to polished chrome
This step removes anomalies in design and circles back; checking completion against client aspirations and direction only to arrive at a final production.

Final Design

Burnin' PC Front Final Design Burnin' Up the Floor PC Final Design (back)


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