How To Make Pictorialism

Pictorialism, a movement best known for the work of Robert Demachy, Alfred Stieglitz, George Seeley, Julia Margaret Cameron, Frank Sutcliffe, Gertrude Käsebier, Peter Henry Emerson, and Ken Rosenthal focused their gaze but not their cameras at the natural landscapes of their time.

While most photographers were capturing the realism their tool so naturally recorded, the Pictorialists where throwing their lenses out of focus with the aim of bringing a more painterly quality to the medium of photography.

This video demonstrates one way to achieve a pictorialist style with one of your own images. Using Photoshop, you will quickly learn how to apply adjustment layers and tonal controls to alter the feel of your image.

Before & After Pictorialism

Before PictorialismAfter Pictorialism


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