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coffeeCup+BeansThere is more to drinking coffee than just walking into a shop and asking for a cup of whatever the house blend is. The effort that it takes to grow and harvest coffee beans around the world deserves a little more respect from the average consumer, especially since the delicate taste you get has everything to do with faraway volcanic slopes and mountain ridges.

Yes, what really makes coffee taste great are the beans themselves, or the special regions in countries around the world where the weather gets together to create the perfect growing environment.

In an effort to give credit where credit is due, to the coffee farmers of the world, each year Trefethen Studios offers their organic, fair trade, artisan roast coffee.

We are taking orders now. If you live local to the Bay Area you are welcome to pick up your coffee to save on shipping, either way you will be notified when your order is ready.

Note: all coffee comes whole bean only. Anything else is just not worth the time.

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The Coffee

We are offering a full natural, dry-process coffee from Mexico. The process starts with hand picking ripe red coffee cherry, quickly and carefully drying it in the husks, removing the peel, and then hand-sorting the defective beans. This process is time consuming and requires highly skilled craftspeople. The results of very good dry-process coffees like this are well worth the effort.

This coffee is from the state of Nayarit, more specifically, west of the capital, Tepic. The 260 small-holder farms in this group are clustered around Cerro San Juan, an extinct volcano, as a result the soil type and altitude contribute to the cup quality. Nayarit is fairly low (the city of Tepic is 3000 feet) but the volcano immediately rises to 7000 feet, providing sloped terrain with good altitude, drainage and the perfect climate for growing coffee.


Flavor Profile
The aromatics of this coffee are much closer to a dry-processed Ethiopia than to any other Central America coffee; intense, rustic fruited notes, spice, and caramel sweetness.  There’s a hint of sourdough yeast in the dry fragrance, but it is dominated by chocolate and pungent spicy scents. The cup, has a heavy chocolate character with traces of almond and a strongly fruited backdrop. Rounding out the profile is a dense and opaque body; with a wonderfully long aftertaste.

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