HDR Masters Racing Team: Kit Design

Step 1: Research | Define the status quo
This step is reserved for generating new ideas.  In order to start the design process I want to collect some ideas from each of you. The goal is to first identify your aspirations. I will then sketch a few ideas with the aim of incorporating a select few of the more popular patterns. We then spiral outward, sketching and problem solving with the aim of brainstorming solutions that are unexpected.

This is where you (the customer) come in. Upload 3 or 4 sample images that inspire you. The image samples can be specific to cycling (other team designs) or taken from other sports, like the suggestion of the Brawn Formula One Racing Team.

©Velonews art_jerseysBigBrawnGP-test-01

Step 2: Collection | By narrowing the scope we arrive at a direction
This step is all about tossing out the worst and keeping the best. We will then present those solutions as rough concepts in order to establish a direction. From here each of you will be able to cast a vote for further refinement.


Step 3: Semi-comp | Through refinement we arrive at focus
This step takes into consideration the your aspirations and desires post collection meeting. From this point forward the refinement of design, clean type, actual color, and balance begin to take form.


Step 4: Finals | From focus to polished chrome
This step removes anomalies in design and circles back; checking completion against client aspirations and direction only to arrive at a final production

~ Trefethen Studios © 2009

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