Jersey Design: IC3

Final Design

Step 1: Research | Define the status quo
This step is reserved for generating new ideas.  In order to start we begin by identifying our client’s aspirations. We then spiral outward, sketching and problem solving with the aim of brainstorming solutions that are unexpected.


Step 2: Collection | By narrowing the scope we arrive at a direction
This step is all about tossing out the worst and keeping the best. We then present those solutions as rough concepts in order to establish a direction.


Step 3: Semi-comp | Through refinement we arrive at focus
This step takes into consideration the client’s aspirations and desires post collection meeting. From this point forward the refinement of design, clean type, actual color, and balance begin to take form.

Rough Comp 2


Step 4: Finals | From focus to polished chrome
This step removes anomalies in design and circles back; checking completion against client aspirations and direction only to arrive at a final production.

~ Trefethen Studios © 2010


4 Responses to “Jersey Design: IC3”

  1. Ron Castia says:

    One thing I have learned in designing the teams clothing is to avoid curves our hour glass shapes. Also straight lines. Bring designs in at a V shape towards the bottom gives slimming effect.

    These are not jumping out at me.

  2. Greg Weaver says:

    I like the layout on the back of 1st set (red & black) and the front of the 2nd (gold) set, with the IC3 font from the 2nd set.

    If you go with the red & black, the retro kit I usually wear will be way out of style.

  3. trefethen says:

    Thanks for the great feedback guys. There is a lot to consider during the process of designing for the human form.

    As Ron illustrates, slimming lines provide more of a sleek look while maintaining positive lines of speed and motion.

    As Greg points out, we have a lot of clothing out in the cycling world between both coasts including other parts of the world, i.e. Uganda, Romania and other the cycling members of the International Christian Cycling Club. Keeping with a design that does not completely void the kits currently in circulation is important.

    Thanks again for the feedback. I am still refining the cycling-kit design toward a core set of elements in an effort to incorporate the aforementioned qualities.

    Please check back soon for more detailed information.

  4. Carl Canaparo says:

    Can you believe I got here?

    Nice replies to the comments.

    what about darker sides? with Unkar in White or light color?

    Is that slimming? I’m in to slim. I’ve tried that slimming cream but it did not work.
    I tried the girdle, but it showed through.