Traveling from here to there

Passing the time while traveling. I take a book with me where ever I go, you never know when you’ll be able to snag a snippet of time and load your mind with new information. In addition to the aforementioned reading materials, is my camera; I never leave home without it. You just never know when you’ll stumble across the next one-off photo, or start a new series.

As photographers, we must constantly keep our tool chest full of ideas. The fear: running out of work. It is this possibility that knocks ever-so consistently upon the back door of our subconscious.

In addition to the book and camera, is another trick I’ve learned over the course of my career as an artists: I always carry with me a notebook for jotting down my thoughts. Just the other day I was traveling for business, with me was the latest issue of LensWork, when I happened upon the work of Natalie Young and her series titled, “Gorgia & Sabine.” You never know the form inspiration will take. But when it strikes, you should be prepared to act by making a notation to refer back to when time permits. Write down a few suggestive references that will ignite that creative spark you first experienced the moment inspiration struck.

If carrying a notebook or journal is simply not convenient then find something else that works for you. An iPhone works for me. Installed on this device is an application called Evernote. This free “app” allows me to take snap shots, write text notes, record audio reminders and keep track of them through an online account. Upon returning back to my studio I can access these saved notes from my desktop computer where I begin refining the ideas into more sustainable projects.

Do you experience dry spells. No! How do you keep working? What inspires you? What are some of the tools you use to keep track of your new ideas and working projects? Post your comments below, I’d love to know what works for you.

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