Day 5 From Redfish Lake, Idaho

Road Trip 2010: The morning of Day Five from Redfish Lake outside Stanley, Idaho. In this video John Trefethen describes his journey thus far and his encounters along the way. At the end of the clip are a selection of today’s favorite images.


4 Responses to “Day 5 From Redfish Lake, Idaho”

  1. Bill Vaughan says:

    You are a brave soul, dunno if I would have showered there! Love the “kodak picture shot” haven’t seen one of those for eons. Are you using a video camera or the video function from your canon 5d?

  2. Hey there! Just found you on Twitter and here you are in my backyard! Stunning isn’t it. Stanley, Idaho and the Redfish Lake area are very special to us Idahoans. I will share a few of my photos with you. I have many on my website at There are many fascinating ghost towns there and hundreds of stories of the old west! As you pass through Ketchum, Idaho. Please visit Saddletree Gallery and say hi to Jerry. If he is not out riding the rivers somewhere, he is an “old timer” and has many stories. Some of my work is on display there including the Wagon Days Poster of last year.

    Love your photos. So great to connect with you on your journey. Happy Trails!
    ps If you go through Twin Falls, Idaho…you should check out Shoshone Falls (see photos on my website) Absolutely amazing and the waterflow should be huge right now. The Niagra of the West.

  3. trefethen says:

    Hey Bill, It was a warm bath that’s for sure. Very private though.

    I am using the video function on my 5D. Sound quality of the built in mic is poor but the video recording is fantastic.

    The range in depth of field is AMAZING. Shooting in low light is also stunningly possible.

    The Canon 5D is changing the way video is being captured these days. I can pull any single frame from a segment of video and have full frame quality photographs. No more screen grabs.

  4. trefethen says:

    Hi Teri, thanks for your post and introduction to your work. I have seen many wild places in my trips but Idaho, especially the Redfish Lake area, Hailey, and Ketchum are among my favorites in the US as of now.

    Cheers, and keep me posted.