Road Trip 2010: Day 16 from Portland Oregon

Road Trip 2010: The morning of day 16 from Portland, Oregon. In this video John Trefethen describes how he deals with a lack of inspiration, his journey thus far and his encounters along the way. At the end of the clip are a selection of today’s favorite images.


6 Responses to “Road Trip 2010: Day 16 from Portland Oregon”

  1. Gene says:

    Love the bison video! We saw Yellowstone in mid-September years ago. Uncrowded as kids were back to school. Love the Mt Hood photo!

  2. trefethen says:

    Thanks Gene. It was a fantastic trip for exploration and photographic opportunity. I advise anyone who has the means and the time, to set out, without an itinerary, on a road trip of equal length. It will change your perspective.

  3. Bill Vaughan says:

    You look like you’ve lost some weight and suffering a bit of road fatigue. Enjoy the photo’s! And that Kodak Picture Spot really cracks me up.

  4. trefethen says:

    Picture Spots is a new, and ongoing, series about our insatiable appetite for consumption. I am interested in how we record and keep track of our memories, filing them away on our digitized storage devices.

    For me this work is about asking the question, “When do we truly ‘experience’ a place and is it possible without making record of it?”

    I am still putting into words my thoughts about the whole series and will post more images at

  5. Kim Smith says:

    Makes me want to go again. My husband and I took a snowmobiling vacation in yellowstone. It was unforgettable, you should consider it if you haven’t already done so.

  6. trefethen says:

    Yellowstone is an amazing place. I can only image how beautiful it must have been in the Winter. Curious, would you cruz in on snowmobile and come back out the same day. Would they allow overnight trips?

    We found some amazing Yurt Hikes that allow one to either hike, snowmobile, or cross-country ski into the Sawtooth Wilderness (Idaho), going from Yurt to Yurt.