HDR / Lombardi Sports Cycling Kit Design

Building on last years design, Trefethen Studios set out with the aim of revising their previous year’s kit design with a look that would both highlight the HDR and Lombardi Sports brand and provide style to the Elite Masters Cycling Team.

  • Revised Design
  • Warmth Through Absorption
  • New Manufacturer
  • HDR / Lombardi Brand adherence

The winter months in California bring long steady days of training, cold mornings and wet roads. Going with Capo clothing means ultimate comfort. Designing a cycling kit with 90 percent black limits the stains from muddy roads and absorbs more of the sun’s energy. Warmer happier cyclists is a good thing. They do tend to get a bit cranky when they’re unhappy.

This years kits are manufactured by Capo / Uplands Sports, a subsidiary of the Italy-based company Bergamo.

Final image coming soon.


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