Team Photography

Professional photographs for your cycling team?

Having excellent quality photographs of your team helps with marketing, brand awareness, and sponsorship proposals. We’re happy to provide custom photography at the location of your choice. For more information just drop us an email or give us a call: 925.918.0549


3 Responses to “Team Photography”

  1. Linda says:

    For your cycling team and individual shots, can you describe your lighting setup? thanks

  2. Hi Linda,

    The lighting setup was quite simple. It was a cloudy day in the early AM hours. The sun was at my back, when it was showing. The warm light produced by the early morning fall sun provided a warm tone, great for the skin tones.

    In addition to the sun, I had my 580EX Canon Speed light mounted to the Canon 5D, pointed up at 75º with the bounce card extended. I had the exposure on the flash set to -1/3 as to provide a soft fill for the shadows.

    I was standing about 15 feet away from my subjects shooting through my Canon 70-200 2.8L series lens.

    Thanks for asking.

  3. Linda says:

    Thanks — that was very helpful. In addition to wanting to know your lighting set-up, it made me want to cycle again. I was heavy into it a few years ago then had my ACL replaced (which I ripped on a missions trip in Ghana), then my parents died, then I started back to school but 2011 hopefully will be a return. My goal is the Seagull Century in Oct. Since training takes a lot of time, I want to get a good point and shoot to put in my jersey pocket — one that I could possibly do school assignments with — maybe one of the Leica’s — what do you know about them?