Tiger Lily Wine Label Design

About Tiger Lily

The original Tiger Lily Winery was first established in Pleasant Valley, California in the mid 1850’s. During that century, Tiger Lily became one of the largest and best known wineries, hailing from the largest wine producing area of its time.

Today the folks at TIGER LILY strive to carry on that great wine making tradition by using sustainably farmed grapes from quality vineyard sites deep in the heart of Pleasant Valley. They bring you wines that are big, bold and powerful like a tiger, yet lovely, elegant and beautiful like a TIGER LILY.

Project Brief

In Asia, it’s the tiger, not the lion that is king of all beasts. A Tiger realizes this innately, and always seems to hold himself with a regal bearing. A sort of prestige permeates all that a Tiger does, and people are drawn to this unquantifiable confidence. It is royalty’s prerogative to do as they please, and the Tiger is no exception. Given to flights of capricious fancy, selfless giving and selfish indulgence, the Tiger is a creature of extremes.

Wine Label Design Process

Step 1: Research | Define the status quo
This step is reserved for generating new ideas.  In order to start we begin by identifying our client’s aspirations. We then spiral outward, sketching and problem solving with the aim of brainstorming solutions that are unexpected.

Step 2: Collection/Sketching | By narrowing the scope we arrive at a direction
This step is all about tossing out the worst and keeping the best. We then present those solutions as rough concepts in order to establish a direction.

Progressive Design


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