The Studio by Club Sport

The Mission

As health and wellness continue to occupy the minds and activities of more and more Americans every day, fitness clubs continue to take center stage. From Crossfit gyms in our backyard to massive 24 Hour Fitness Mega Clubs downtown, it would appear there’s something for everyone.

But what if the very thought of exercising indoors kept you from being consistent, or worse, kept you from working out at all? Until now there’s one thing all of the aforementioned gyms share in common, the stale air and confined spaces of indoor training and exercise.

What if your gym didn’t feel like a gym?
The Studio by Club Sport aims to change everything. By designing a facility from the ground up, with a new environment for fitness in mind, they essentially bring the outdoors in. By providing you with all of the benefits of a controlled environment plus the inspiration that comes with your kind of fitness in a place that suites you, consistency and wellness are achieved.

The Project

Leisure Sports Inc. the company behind Club Sport and a host of other upscale fitness facilities, contacted Trefethen Studios with the above mission in mind, to build an introductory landing page that captured the essence of a holistic approach to fitness while the main site structure was being completed.

Incorporating the connotative qualities of a soothing color pallet and peaceful imagery, we focused on simplicity first and foremost. We then incorporated a social component that provides direct feedback from would-be members to organizers of the program. Through a quick survey, The Studio was able to capture would-be members’ likes and request as they continued building a successful program.


Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop, Java

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