Marketing ServicesSo, you have a new product or service and are looking for a customized marketing campaign. Allow us to assist you with your strategy.

At Trefethen Studios we are prepared to help your company communicate its purpose, illuminate its presence and experience results. Whether you are preparing for a trade show and need creative displays and brochures for distribution, or you’ve started a new company and desire a complete identity package, we are fully prepared to collaborate with you to develop an effective solution that meets your needs.

Qualifying Your Prospects
Lead grading is a valuable tool at your disposal when you employ the services of Trefethen Studios. This programming technology works by applying a sophisticated set of rules that grade each capture your web site receives. Your sales team is then notified of the potential prospects. Ask us how to start identifying your web visitors while shortening the sales cycle.

Email Marketing
Email has proven to be a valuable tool for companies striving to capture the interest of the public while reducing their production of paper waste. Such marketing messages are clean, precise, and traceable. By creating traceable links we can systematically set notification rules that alert your sales team to the potential interest prospects have in your products or services.

Target Specific Print Design
Variable Data Print (VDP), an innovative approach to marketing, provides companies with the opportunity to focus their marketing efforts on a target audience while reducing their print volume. By sending detailed information to a selective population, VPD has been known to produce response rates as high as 60 – 70%. We at Trefethen Studios specialize in this technology.

Getting Noticed
Success on the Internet requires a search engine web site listing. Our search optimization team will research your keywords and optimize your site based on the most searched keywords in your industry and increase your long term standing with Google and other top search engines. Ask us how to increase your web site’s searchability.